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Visitor Information

Proof of Citizenship
U.S. visitors to Canada may be asked to prove citizenship with a passport, birth or baptismal certificate, or naturalization certificate. Residents of some other countries do require visas. Check with the nearest Canadian Consulate office.

Entering Canada by Boat
If crossing the lakes from the U.S. into Canada, you must contact the nearest Customs Office at your Port of Entry with complete details of your visit. You are then given a number and reporting time for verification of the duration of your visit.

Currency Exchange
Banks and trust companies offer the best rate of exchange. Banks are open Monday to Friday (except holidays). Purchases made on major credit cards offer good rates. Currency exchanges are also located along the U.S. border. They offer fair exchange rates and are open every day.

Taxes & Rebates
Prices on goods in stores or on menus in restaurants do not generally include taxes (7% goods & services tax, plus 8% provincial sales tax). Some goods are exempt. Duty free shops at border crossings and tourist information centres have forms for visitors to receive tax rebates.

Speed Limits & Seat Belts
On expressways or 400-series highways, speed limits are posted between 90 to 100 kilometres per hour (kmh) or approximately 55 to 62 miles per hour (mph). On two-lane highways, speed limits are generally posted at 80 kmh (55 mph). In cities, towns and villages, speed limits are 40 to 60 kmh (25 to 37 mph). Ontario law requires that all persons wear a seat belt in an operating vehicle.

By law, cyclist aged 18 and under must wear a bike helmet. All boats must have a life jacket in good condition for each passenger aboard.

Tips & Gratuities
In restaurants, the customary amount of tip for the server is 10 to 15 percent of the bill. A few establishments include the gratuity in the price, and should tell you if they have.

Road & Weather Reports
Road conditions are available in both English and French by calling the Ontario Ministry of Transportation at 1-800-268-1376.

Hunting & Fishing
A license issued by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is required to hunt or fish in Ontario. Ask your outfitter or local bait shop for more information about licenses, seasons for fishing and hunting, and catch limits.

You must be 19 years of age or older to enter a bar or purchase alcohol from liquor and beer stores. You may be asked for photo identification. Driving motorized vehicles, including cars, bikes, boats and snowmobiles, while under the influence of alcohol, is illegal in Ontario.

You must be 19 years or older to purchase tobacco products in Ontario. Anyone who looks under 25 years of age may be asked to provide photo identification. Some municipalities in Ontario have prohibited smoking in bars and restaurants.

Police, Fire & Emergencies
Dial 911 (in most areas) in case of emergency.

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