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Rogers Centre, Toronto

The Rogers Centre became the new home of the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday, June 5, 1989. At that time this new innovative complex was named skydome, partly due to it’s retractable roof. Since that time it has been recognized as one of the world’s premiere entertainment centres. Famous the world over for its fully retractable roof, The Rogers Centre roof system features a series of 3 moveable panels and 1 stationary panel. Panels 2 and 3 slide on parallel rails while panel 1 slides on a circular rail "tucking" underneath 2 and 3. The Rogers Centre also boasts the largest video display board, the Jumbotron, in North America. (The largest in the world is located in Japan.)

1 Blue Jays Way
Toronto, Ontario
Tel: (416) 341-3663
Fax: (416) 341-3101


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