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Manufacturing in Ontario

The Ontario Manufacturing Sector Contributes APX One Quarter to Ontario’s GDP
Ontario ’s main economic activity by far is manufacturing. The manufacturing sector contributes apx one quarter to Ontario’s GDP and makes up for over one half of Canada’s manufacturing output. Many factors have contributed towards the unpresidented growth of the province as a manufacturing mecca. The Great Lakes waterway made trade between Ontario and its American neighbour lucrative. Ontario has a bounty of natural resources including forests, minerals and water. The North American Free Trade Agreement which removed tariffs on imports and exports in Mexico, Canada and the United States in 1994 has seen a dramatic increase in trade between these partners, benefiting Ontario. Most of the manufacturing industry in Ontario is situated within the Golden Horseshoe, a highly urbanized arc of settlements surrounding the western shore of Lake Ontario extending from the United States border along the Niagara River in the south to the city of Oshawa in the north. The Golden Horseshoe is home to apx. one fifth of Canada’s population and contains an even higher percentage of the country’s manufacturing base. The chief industry of Ontario is the manufacture of motor vehicles, other transportation equipment, and components for these machines. Ontario’s chief exports are motor vehicles and parts, machinery and mechanical appliances, electrical machinery, non-ferrous metals and related products, and pulp and paper. Ontario’s largest trading partner within Canada is Quebec and its largest international trading partner is the United States.

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