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Forestry and Mining in Ontario

Forestry in Ontario
At the turn of the 19 th century the province’s main industry was lumber. Today the main forestry product is wood pulp. There are pulp mills all along the shores of Lake Superior and paper products are made in several areas near the western end of Lake Superior.
Mining in Ontario
When work crews penetrated the northern regions of Ontario while building the transcontinental railway in the mid 1800’s they had no idea they had stumbled on some of the richest mineral deposits in the world. Today Ontario ranks first for mining in Canada. Gold was discovered in Ontario and now one half of Canada’s gold production comes from here. L arge copper deposits around the Sudbury region were first discovered in 1883 and today Sudbury is one of the world’s most important producers of nickel. The area also mines gold, silver, cobalt and platinum. Iron Ore is mined in the Lake Superior Region. Petroleum and natural gas have long been produced south of Lake Huron, and were at one time centered around the town of Petrolia. There are offshore gas wells along the western edges of Lake Erie.


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